Our Process

Your Legacy

The culmination of our planning efforts is the full Legacy Plan. Legacy planning takes the accumulation, conservation, distribution, and business planning we’ve done, and adds to it the realization that we are all more than numbers on a balance sheet.

Your life has spanned generations. You have learned from those before you, and you will teach those that follow. The question you must answer is:

What will I teach?

Through your words and deeds, you are always teaching. Sometimes the lessons learned are not the ones we intended. This happens because the teachings we passed on were either not planned, or misinterpreted. The important thing to understand is that those lessons can be planned and that you have something valuable to teach.

Everything you have ever seen, heard, felt, and done is unique to you. Those that follow need to know all that you have to teach. Understanding you, and those who have gone before you is vitally important to those that follow.

We would be honored to help you on your legacy journey.

Getting You Where You Want To Be

PeterAlexander was founded with the goal of assisting our clients in every aspect of their financial lives. We provide comprehensive and personal service to help guide you toward making sound financial choices. For each of our clients, we strive to help create financial stability and security to provide financial independence.

Our six-step Planning Process helps us ensure we are not only a good fit but that we are, and continue to be, on the right path to helping you create the legacy you desire.

Do We Fit?

During your initial meeting we will discuss your vision for the future, the obstacles you know and some other possible obstacles we see and have a discussion on the potential benefits of working with us. The only decision needed during this meeting is whether it makes sense for us to meet again.

Should We Work Together?

During your second meeting, we will reaffirm your vision, review the obstacles we both see, and discuss how proper planning may eliminate them and benefit you over your lifetime and into succeeding generations.

Where Are You Now, and Where Are You Going?

We will discuss your vision, priorities, and establish solid goals including timelines. We will collect information about your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. This meeting is designed to be very detailed and depending upon the complexity of your situation we may require further conversations.

Do We Have It Right?

We confirm the facts and assumptions we have received from you. We will discuss our observations on how well you will meet your goals under your current arrangements. We will discuss various solutions, how they may improve your situation, and any side effects or interactions you may experience.

Reaching Your Vision, Creating Impact?

We will present a course of action that we would apply to ourselves if we were in your situation knowing what we have learned about you. The plan will be flexible in its design to accommodate changes in your desires both today and in the future and account for life’s unexpected turns.

Getting It Done!

The best financial plan will fail if it is never acted upon. This will rely heavily on YOU. We can help you implement your plan by engaging your trusted advisors such as attorneys and CPAs. We can also guide you to such advisors if you do not currently have them.

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