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“I decided to reach out to Rick Hellberg of PeterAlexander when I experienced a change in my financial situation. After speaking with several financial advisors, I decided to go with Rick due to his comprehensive dissection of my financial standing and goals. He presented detailed actions to improve the way I handled my investments, and with his help, I was able to significantly reduce my tax burden and feel confident about what the future holds. Ultimately, I am beyond satisfied with my decision to trust Rick Hellberg. Knowing I am receiving high-quality support to grow and protect my financial situation provides me with peace of mind, which is priceless. I would recommend the PeterAlexander team to anyone.”

– Glen

“For years I worked with an advisor at a big firm, and I always felt like my investment options were limited. I yearned to invest in municipal or corporate bonds but never received the support or guidance to do so. Three years ago, I met Rick and Mike of PeterAlexander at a workshop and we stayed in touch. Keeping an eye on their work, I soon realized the endless potential I’d gain by working with them instead. I was happy to learn that my assumptions were correct—I now have a wider range of investment opportunities to choose from. Their knowledge about insurance and trusts is an added bonus that’s been extremely beneficial to my family. Thanks to their team, I have now transferred all my investments into one financial institution, making it easier to transfer my assets to my sons in the event of our passing. I am pleased with my decision to make the switch to PeterAlexander.”

– Barbara

“My decision to work with PeterAlexander was not one I came to without a lot of thought and research. I had worked with a financial advisor for years but was left feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Apart from figuring out my level of risk, I felt they had little interest in understanding my values or the reasoning behind my decision-making. Simply put, I wanted a more personalized level of service. This is where PeterAlexander came in.

I wanted to work with people who would learn to know me well enough to say, “I don’t think that’s really what you want” or “I hear you saying that you really want this.” Additionally, I wanted to work with people who were open to sharing their opinions. Most financial managers that I have met refuse to express an opinion, and I was desiring more of a relationship and less of a transaction.

I have never once regretted my choice to switch to PeterAlexander. They have provided everything I’ve ever hoped for in a financial advisor. I believe I can call on them to help, explain, and advise, which gives me a sense of security amidst a world that currently feels unpredictable.

I have recommended Rick and Mike of PeterAlexander to multiple people. I tell them that Rick and Mike will first and foremost be interested in your specific story. They don’t check boxes. Their networks are extensive and, consequently, they can steer you toward good people who can help you in almost any arena. They’re warm, funny, smart, generous, and caring human beings. They’re exactly who you want looking out for your best interests.”

– Abbey

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