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PeterAlexander was founded in 1991 to provide comprehensive financial services to successful individuals, their families, their businesses their key employees and their professional advisors.  The need for quality, objective planning was evident to founder Rick Hellberg, who opted to flee an environment where he felt pressured to sell products instead of designing solutions specific to his client’s unique needs.

Our intent was to deliver what the clients needed to pursue his/her goals, not the goals of the firm.  Hellberg believed then and even more so today, that providing  optimum solutions designed for the client’s needs will create a lasting relationship for both client and advisor.

We continually strive to maintain our position as a strong provider of financial advice in the marketplace.  And, we realize that alone is not enough.

In 2003, it became apparent that something was missing in our approach.  We were excellent at understanding our client’s financial situations and uncovering their financial goals.  We developed plans that helped clients reduce their taxes, educate their children, fund their retirements, and pass their businesses on to their children, employees, or third parties at fair value and create programs to attract and retain valuable employees.

We reexamined our approach in 2003.  Our goal was to help our clients at a very deep level, to make their family ties stronger, to pass on the things that mean the most to them, to make sure the way they handled their money and their estate planning was a true reflection of what mattered most to them.

Thus began our journey that brought PeterAlexander to where we are today,  enabling us to continually improve our service over the coming years and decades.  It has resulted in the Legacy services we offer clients today, the results of which include: enhanced ability to pass on to future generations not only your financial assets, but all your assets; including your hopes, your dreams, your visions, and your principles.